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Fruit Logistica 2017

17 февраля 2017 г.

8-10 February, 2017 annual international fair Fruit Logistica for professionals took place in Berlin: from fresh produce growers to designers, producers and suppliers of technologies and equipment for produce storing, grading and packing. Organizers informed about more than 70000 visitors from over than 130 counties.

Directors of Insolar-Kholod, ООО within all 3 days were attending the booths of our Dutch business partners, which dealer our company is: producer of CA (ULO) equipment - Van Amerongen CA Technology and producer of sorting and packing lines - Greefa. In collaboration with our suppliers they held successful negotiations with many potential customers and visitors from our region and also visited the stand of our partners and producers of gastight doors Salco and gastight coatings Ribbstyle.

Our Dutch suppliers ensured an excellent arrangement and a high activity at the booths, among others due to demonstration of their novelties and “know-how”, including a robotize innovative packing line SmartPackr™ from Greefa and a storage control system My Fruit, a marvellous Fruit Quality Box to monitor the quality of fruit before harvest, during and after storage and VR presentation of the new web-site – from Van Amerongen. From our side we also tried to do all our best to involve our local visitors.

We suppose Fruit Logistica to be undoubtedly positive event for us. From all our heart we express gratitude to our partners for our pleasant cooperation and to our visitors for their kindly interest. We hope for fruitful partnership for many years to come!

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